Google Ads

In addition to our wide range of SEO services, we also offer pay per click (PPC) management. Our Certified Google AdWords managers can help you get more clicks, reduce the cost per click, and bring more traffic from your target market. Each of these elements offers a greater return on investment for your marketing budget. PPC is getting more expensive every year, so you need an internet marketing firm that understands how to outthink the competition. We are certified partners for Google AdWords management and have over 10 years of pay per click management experience going back to goto and overture (the original pay per click search engines).

When it comes to AdWords and other PPC platforms, there are many tactics that must be executed correctly. First, a variety of search terms needs to be researched and analyzed. This ensures you’re getting noticed by your target market and not overpaying for each click. Second, you need high quality ads that appeal to anyone who entered these keywords. Otherwise, the right people won’t be clicking on your ads, which is unnecessarily expensive. Third, it is important to monitor the ads, perform testing, and analyze the results. This ensures your PPC campaigns are improving over time. Our Google AdWords management specialists are experienced in each of these crucial areas.